Darwin Online

xtraordinary numbers of Turpin – When drinking bury head above eyes – Will drink when a person is within 2 yards of them about 10 gulps in minute.
noise during cohabitation

Page 37b of notebook EH1.7, Galapagos Otaheite Lima, part of the Beagle field notebook sequence.

The whole of Darwin’s writings is online – Cambridge University and the Darwin family have launched Darwin Online complete with transcripts of the Beagle field notebooks. You can pull up scans of the notebooks recovered from microfilms taken some time ago. This site is a superb and absorbing resource, but I can’t help thinking that concentrating on the work of one historical figure might distort the perception of evolutionary thought – we have moved a long way from Darwin now.

The site has a retro feel, complete with use of frames to provide persistent navigation. The search feature works well and the navigation scheme encourages browsing. Links to the notebooks and other publications themselves are simple text links – no icons as used in the Galileo project at Rice university. I shall include a full comparison of these extensive hypertexts after the half term break. My main finding so far is that it does not seem possible to link directly to a given page of a notebook, there are anchors on the page but these do not figure in the URL.

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