Chocolate mushroom package

Japanese chocolate and biscuit mushrooms

Ruth gets chocolate from an international sweet shop in Birmingham. This Japanese pack seems to contain mock mushrooms with chocolate caps and biscuit stalks. I love the typography on the back of the package…

back of Japanese chocolate mushroom package

Some of the details appear to be telling a story (aimed at children?)

chocolate mushroom man loosing his hat

And the teacher figure appears in red on the back – I wonder if this is some kind of food labelling thing?

Red callout on back of the package with teacher-cat

I rather like the teacher-cat, so I used the levels tool in GIMP to remove the colours and exported him (her?) as a GIF cartoon. I might add this as a logo to some of my worksheets to keep the atmosphere light. I can always use the Inkscape trace tool to tidy the edges up.

teacher cat or bear cartoon

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