Bodmas goes Jakob

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the new Bodmas design is borrowed from Jakob Nielsen’s personal site at

Nielsen’s site has not had a major redesign since I have been reading it – must be 6 years or so now – and the fact remains that you can find things quickly, make use of the search easily from any page in the site, and the text is readable even if the presentation is austere.

Couple this readability with easy authoring from any Web browser using the WordPress engine and the result has to be an easy way of keeping a home page up to date. I tend to blog things I find when searching for material for students and colleages so each post is short. Being able to add things from any computer in a little corner of time helps keep me writing and adding to this site.

Nielsen’s page is retro in flavour and has a ‘no-nonsense’ look to it, I must admit it does make a change from very small sans-serif text set in white with a wide line spacing on a grey background.

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