And then we focus on their heads, and slightly to one side

Ken Robinson using up 67 Mb of bandwidth

“If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original” – yes, agreed, and Maths is the subject where you are as good as your last mistake.

“Every education system on Earth has the same hierarchies of subjects… at the top are mathematics and languages, then humanities and at the bottom are the arts everywhere on Earth.” – can’t say I have noticed this, certainly not with funding or facilities, but then I am not as well travelled as Sir Ken.

Seriously, the podcast (get the audio at 7Mb, not the video at 67Mb for a talking head) raises important issues about creativity in education and the extent to which we neglect the psychokinetic dimensions and emotional intelligence in our systems. I’ll be using this one when we cover learning styles on the Resource Based Learning module on next year’s Cert/Ed.

Maths to me however is both sides of the head – creative construction and severe critical analysis – often resonating between the two during an hour’s work. And I have to walk when doing anything serious in Maths.

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