Ratio and Proportion slide deck

I’m attempting a visual presentation of ratio and percentage problems to see if I can ‘cut through’ some of the verbal issues with the usual story problems you find in textbooks. As the assessment format is problems in words, I’ll need to make the links to these story problems, but I hope that by sorting out the method needed to solve the problems visually first, the students will be able to concentrate on understanding what the question is about. Well, that is the theory!

Ratios And Proportion
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The pale yellow background and large text are to suit a student with a specific requirement in one of my groups. I might try a ‘slide cast’ in SlideShare, but you have to fiddle with timings for each slide transition so I might talk through the slides in my YouTube format.

The Ratio and Proportion PowerPoint is available for download [ 600Kb ]. The cous-cous packet simply happened to be on the table when I was thinking of problems… Onto percentages…

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