I’ve taken the Pythagoras animation I made last year and I have added a sound track. The result is on YouTube and TeacherTube. You should see the two versions embedded above. There appears to be a problem with sound on the TeacherTube version, but older MOVS made with iShowU version 1.22 seem to work fine.

I’m wondering if the sound track adds a lot of value. Perhaps pulling things off a site like YouTube is easier for students, and perhaps the sound track gives a time frame to the exposition?

Unscripted, so no script here.

iShowU has been upgraded to version 1.33, some aspects of the user interface have been simplified. Don’t use the ‘low quality’ setting for sound, it sounds like the Clangers, the compression is much higher than it was. I used the high quality setting for this screencast and the results were good.

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