Nutrition Information Tables

scan of Guideline Daily Amount table from Pizza carton

The nutrition information tables on the back of most prepared foods can provide a variety of Maths/Numeracy lessons with a healthy eating message. Above is the scan of a nice chargrilled vegetable and pesto pizza. No crisps when your having this – the pizza supplies the just under half the guideline daily amount of salt in one portion! 26% of saturated fat was less than I was expecting, given the Parmesan cheese liberally covering the base.

My real shock was that a single full butter croissant contains 41% of your daily saturated fat intake, more than a serving of apple pie. Less of those croissants, as the Food Standards Agency is encouraging us to cut down on the saturated fat. I’ve always been fond of bagels, and they have much less fat.

The ‘traffic light’ labeling does help spot the higher quantities of salt and saturated fat – the red sodium line in the pizza above stands out OK.

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