Introduction to Fractions using Smarties

Slideshare from an OpenOffice Impress presentation on the basics of fractions. Based on an idea from Malcolm C. It worked for his students so I’ll try it out with my Level 1 Adult Numeracy students.

A couple of worksheets coming as well…. You can download a PDF of the Introduction to Fractions presentation [ 160Kb ]. If you load this into Acrobat Reader you should be able to view it in full screen/presentation mode. I’ve seen a couple of people have problems with cross platform transfer of presentations this week, so I’m developing a ‘lowest common denominator’ style (if you will pardon the mathematical pun). The ‘builds’ in this presentation are actually separate copies of the final slide in the sequence with bits removed to form earlier slides. There is no custom animation, and so less to go wrong!

24th April: Download a sheet with 10 questions about forming fractions from everyday situations. I’ll put the answers in later on!

OpenOffice 3.01 on Ubuntu Jaunty Beta is proving to be a bit crashy, I might switch off some of the bling I’ve got running.

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