Flash from PowerPoint

<p>Contact Keith Burnett, and tell me what kind of browser you are using</p>

The Flash animation above was converted from an MS PowerPoint presentation file by importing the presentation into OpenOffice 2.01 on the Mac, and then exporting as a Flash swf file. Embedding HTML was adapted from a previous animation – just view the source of this page to get an idea of what is involved.

To use the animation, just click with your mouse over the yellow area – space bar won’t work. You can download the SWF file if it is of any use to you – just right-click (or apple-click) over the previous link to download the SWF file to your desktop. Dragging the SWF file into a Web browser will start the animation. My next move is to see how good the Flash export from Apple Keynote is – the OpenOffice export is basic to say the least, no transitions, and it can’t export ‘custom animations’. I had to produce the ‘builds’ in the animation by copying slides and deleting elements in reverse order…

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