Data handling introduction

I used this PowerPoint to introduce the Data Handling module on our level 2 Access Maths module. Some of the ‘custom animations’ on the tree diagram slides don’t work in slideshare so I’ll use copies of the slides to make ‘builds’ in future, especially as I will be using OpenOffice more.

Access to Higher Education courses exist in most FE Colleges as an alternative to taking A levels for mature students. Most of the students I teach are applying for Nursing, Midwifery and health related degrees. A smaller number are applying to teacher training colleges [ we have tried to warn them, but they seem determined, and always say how much they enjoy the placements/visits to local primary schools ].

The ‘mind map’ of topics was supplied as a handout, and students have found this useful to keep track of the topics we have covered and to keep clear the difference between, for example, a scatter diagram, a frequency polygon and the cumulative frequency curve. The process of plotting is very similar in each of these charts (“walk along the corridor and go up the stairs”) but the meaning is very different.

The yellow background is to help a student with a specific requirement. I have another version with a pale blue background for a different class.

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