Bodmas quiz

I started Maths teaching for level 2 students with an exercise based on the sequence of operations remembered using the made up word BODMAS. I haven’t used this BODMAS two part starter for some years, but there have been syllabus changes recently, so I’ve put it back in again.

Activity 2 of the BODMAS lesson always generates interesting feedback (I use a ‘record of work’ form each week to capture what students are prepared to say about the lessons, and as a private way for them to outline anything they are stuck with) but it is designed to take people out of their comfort zone.

I use simple whole number based examples, like 3 + 4×2 = 11 not 14. I explain this is a convention, like driving on the left hand side of the road. We have to have conventions, but there is no necessity to the choice of convention that people make.

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