Adding Fractions: ‘traditional’ presentation

The slideshare presentation above is my attempt at explaining how to add fractions to a group of students taking the Level 1 Adult Numeracy Certificate. This particular group is aiming at joining an Access to Higher Education course next year, and so I’m using a more ‘academic’ style to the lessons than I would with, say, a Skills for Life group.

You can download a PDF file of my adding fractions presentation on slideshare made with the online PDF Converter Web site. If you log into SlideShare you can download the original Powerpoint file as well if you want to edit the slides.

This presentation follows a ‘traditional’ way of explaining fraction addition. I’m thinking of producing an alternative based on ‘fraction wall’ illustrations for those with a more visual orientation, and there is always the quick and dirty method for adding two fractions by cross multiplication.

Above is Bob Brussack’s slideshare on the same topic. I like aspects of his style, but I think the way information disappears from the slides so the students can’t see all of an example might be problematic. I shall try both and see what the students think.

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