20 number question quiz

Download a JQZ file with 20 question MCQ on four functions, number words, and place notation.

Link to Web page that displays a random selection of 10 of the 20 questions.

There is a time limit of 20 minutes on the 10 questions just so my Numeracy students can get used to working against the clock. They can still answer the questions and get feedback after the 20 minutes, just no percentage score.

You can download the Web page and use it on your computer, a shared drive, an intranet or just off a USB stick.

When the Web page opens in Microsoft Internet Explorer, you might get a security warning about ‘scripts and ActiveX content’. Just click on the yellow bar that appears in the Web page, and select ‘allow blocked content’. Don’t click on the ‘X’ at the end of the yellow bar! This warning occurs because the quiz is produced using the excellent Hot Potatoes quiz package, which produces JavaScript code that makes the quiz work. Microsoft Internet Explorer detects the JavaScript program and warns you.

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