User stories: teacher

Continuing my series of User Stories that started with an adult student, here is my first crack at a set of user stories for a teacher who teaches a subject and acts as a personal tutor. Again, feel free to add, subtract and re-define or specialise to a certain sector of students. Use the comments box!


Nigel logs in to the College portal and finds a home page that contains sections that relate to his personal tutor group and to his subject groups, as well as the course team and faculty blogs.

From his portal, Nigel can, in his role as a subject teacher

  • Find lists and attendance data for all his subject groups.
  • Enter the ‘online classrooms’ for all his subject groups.
  • Upload new handouts to each class with control of when the handout will appear and how long it will stay visible for
  • Set quizzes with feedback and tracking of scores and responses to individual questions
  • Allow for upload of assignments for feedback and to povide a free text feedback and grading system
  • Set up a forum (visible to all members of Nigel’s class) to answer a set question and to exchange feedback about answers – a file upload function allows students to exhibit the products of group work
  • View and download a summary of the whole class progress in the form of a table

...and in his role as personal tutor…

  • Enter a page with details about his personal tutor group including attendance reports from subject teachers, messages, targets and progress, contact details including parents where relevant, records of communications (e-mail, messages sent via the tutor page, sms messages)
  • Send a message to any student in his tutor group by use of sms or e-mail.
  • Find any information about Nigel’s tutor group held in other online classrooms, including grades
  • Review and enter new targets and record statements about student progress and development for future use.
  • Mark each comment about a student as visible only to Nigel, to all subject tutors, or a specific subject tutor, or to the Student or any combination
  • Review and provide feedback on personal statements written by students
  • Compose references for students
  • Search an archive of students in past years that will bring up all significant information

In addition, Nigel can find

  • Staff development material about teaching and learning, and about ILT, and a list of CPD events
  • News about the curriculum area, department and college (archived and searchable)
  • A link to the staff intranet with full information about procedures, standards, policies (searchable with ‘change summaries’)
  • A good practice exchange area
  • A link to the College resources repository (searchable by keyword) – one click allows Nigel to link to a resource, and another allows him to include the resource in one of his online classrooms

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