Seashore image editor

Seashore is a graphics editor for Mac OS X. It is based on the Gnu Image Manipulation Program but runs native under the Aqua window manager on Mac OS X, it does not need X11 loaded.

Scaled screen grab showing Seashore with an image loaded

Seashore provides a subset of the functions present in The Gimp, but the subset is well chosen for those of us composing images for use on Web pages and processing scanned material. The application comes with a brief but useful manual in PDF form. The program runs noticeably more quickly than The GIMP on my iBook. Installing the optional SVG importer allows me to draw masks and grids in Inkscape and import them as bitmaps with a choice of scale.

Perhaps an example of ‘just enough functions’ rather than ‘everything we can think of and 20 layers of menus’?

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