PROPS online newspaper system

PROPS is an online publishing system designed to mimic the workflow found in a small newspaper. Journalists can write stories which can be assigned by an editor. A story can be tracked through first, second and third re-writes and finally added to an ‘issue’ of the newspaper. Issues can be final (ie published) or staged (not visible outside the back end of the system). The editor has final say on when to publish an ‘issue’. Archive management is automatic and there is a search feature.

The system runs on PHP4 and MySQL. Installation involves uploading the scripts, typing a few paths and the database name and user/password into a configuration file, and then creating the tables by uploading a file with SQL statements into the database manager. To add images to articles you will need a server with Image Magick installed with direct access to the modules within Image Magick. There is a hack to use the GD graphics library.

The last published version was Feb 2004 and the system is used to produce the Web version of a number of small US newspapers and a student newspaper at the University of Strathclyde.

Just the job if you want a class newspaper with tight control over what gets published!

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