PowerPoint for screen based packages

Download a 12 page handout on using MS PowerPoint 2003 to produce screen based learning packages [PDF, 600Kb]. This handout just deals with the mechanics: planning is the issue and the devil is in the detail.

  • PowerPoint 2003 allows you to disable the space bar/mouse slide advance
  • You can then use actions attached to buttons to provide navigation through slides
  • Smaller text size is best for individual screens
  • Last Slide Viewed action allows glossary and help pages to be linked to from many pages: like the back button in a Web browser
  • Sound clips work and are Mac/Windows cross platform if WAV files
  • Package as CD-ROM works fine from Windows XP
  • Custom animation works if timed in seconds, handy for diagrams

See the PDF for the gory details and screen grabs. Again, the work is in the navigation design. The mechanics is just mechanics

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