“An organization that wins by exercising power starts to lose the ability to win by doing better work. And it’s not fun for a smart person to work in a place where the best ideas aren’t the ones that win.”
Paul Graham, via daring fireball

I’m getting serious about mobile platforms. I need to decide if I’m buying an iPhone or an Android. A lot of younger colleagues and friends love their iPhones (go for it Jonathan), but I’m leaning towards an Android at present for the openness. We can ignore all the app store hassle by using web apps that run in the safari sandbox to deliver learning experiences, plus Moodle Mobile.

I’ll squeeze the knowledge I can out of the HTC running Mobile Windows 6 I was lent by the college, I’m still learning about mobile computing. Watch this space.

Paul Graham’s essay suggests ignoring market share and focussing on what developers use. I need eyeballs, market share, access to use the mobile platform for learning.

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