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learning templates scale

Pedagogical Templates for E-Learning is the title of a 32 page report from the Institute of Education. The report summarises a literature survey of course design models, which is useful in itself. The authors attempt to place the various models on a scale that runs from ‘pure’ face to face all the way to ‘total’ distance learning. Each ‘template’ is a side or so long and summarised in a way that teachers would find easy to implement.

The format of each pedagogical template comes close to my idea for learning patterns. I’d hope to capture the patterns first and see what ordering principles or categories emerged rather than fit patterns to an existing scale. The scale used in the report is useful for the tactical purpose of implementing ILT in course design and helping busy colleagues work out what they want to do.

Found via Jane’s e-learning pick of the day blog, and very handy for CPD and helping colleagues understand what can be done with Moodle.

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