New camera

Fujifilm digital camera has lots of megapixels

Bought a new Fujifilm point and shoot digital camera today. Its a cheerful bright blue with a brushed metal look that the scanner emphasises above.

This device replaces my camera phone (phone got pinched, not from college premises) and is small enough to stay in the messenger bag. I use a digital camera to record (traditional) whiteboards, and to record student work using the macro mode. The results can be popped into PowerPoint for the next lesson, or even in the current lesson with a USB cable or laptop with card reader connected to the projector. Sort of low tech classroom visualiser.

Some daffodils…

Daffodils full frame scaled to 400px

A picture of some daffodils that are wilting a bit now, full frame scaled to 400px wide (from 3264 px)

Crop showing depth of field limitation

Central part of the daffodil frame cropped out and scaled to 400px wide. Notice how the bell of the flower is slightly in front of the plane of focus. Depth of field is limited at the maximum f/2.8 aperture (low light levels).

Normal resolution crop of the daffodil middle bits

Full resolution crop from the very centre of the daffodil (stamens?) with some brightening and contrast enhancement. This is on the ‘default’ image quality setting, hand held (the camera display was showing a ‘shake warning’). There is a finer image quality setting available in the largest resolution, and there is a tripod fitting.

Things I don’t like… You have to take the battery out to charge it. I know this is pretty standard with digital cameras, but still means a lot of taking out and putting back of the battery. The same hatch contains battery and SD card, and the lid is made of plastic (the rest of the case is thin alloy) so might be a wear point. A usb lead is provided so no need to transfer images using the card all the time. The flash and macro modes are not remembered when you switch the camera off. This is typical of point and shoot cameras I understand. No viewfinder, but I’m getting used to the LCD panels.

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