Netscape 8

Screen grab of Netscape 8 showing part of the home page and the skinnable nature

The Netscape Web browser is still out there at version 8 and sports a built in adware and spyware scanner, a choice of rendering engines (Firefox or MS Internet Explorer) with tabbed browsing and a range of security settings – many on a per site basis. Windows only – no Mac OS X or Linux build, but will work on Windows 98 SE upwards.

There are skins available to suit the most arcane tastes (if you spend a long time in front of a computer you may as well make it look reasonable) and the software can co-exist with Firefox, MS Internet Explorer and Opera. Netscape is just a browser with no mail client or Web editing function, like Firefox.

Those (of us) who prefer an integrated internet application suite can download Mozilla which has now frozen development at version 1.7x or the continuation of Mozilla called SeaMonkey , currently at 1.0 corresponding to Mozilla 1.8. Both of these releases contain a Web browser, chat client, mail and news applications and a Web page editor.

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