NeoOffice for Mac OS X

NeoOffice works cross platform with OpenOffice and provides an Aqua native look

As I find myself using OpenOffice more on the Asus EeePC, I decided to put OpenOffice back on my iBook laptop. OpenOffice itself needs the X11 desktop manager and runs slowly on a 512Mb G4 based laptop. NeoOffice is a version of OpenOffice that integrates better with Mac OS X - there is the familiar menu bar at the top of the screen and the Save and Open dialogue boxes are generated from the Finder.

NeoOffice takes a bit of time to load, but once running, it seems more responsive than OpenOffice. Some earlier issues with the compatibility of the fonts and sizes used in the Formula editor between the various flavours of OpenOffice seem to have been sorted out in version 2.

The NeoOffice project is run by a few people in Germany and so I am considering a donation once I sort my PayPal account out. $5 does not seem excessive for a full Office suite.

PS: Yes I know that σ should really be used for the standard deviation of the distribution and that the formula is the population standard deviation! I just needed a sample to test compatibility across OpenOffice on Windows, Debian and Mac OS X.

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