Loop the cable when holding the mike…

Put a loop in the cable - it reduces mike noise

“Loop the cable once and hold the loop against the mic with the same hand you are holding the mic with. This will reduce a lot of the handling noise. I let my students hear the mic cable being tapped about 12 inches down from the mic without the loop and it picks up a lot of noise. With the loop, there is very little noise.” Andrew Higginson as quoted by Jonathan Marks in his sporadic Broadcast and Podcast blog

This works! I’m seeing a significant reduction in the sound of light taps on the cable using this simple technique. I have often seen recordists doing this while interviewing with a hand mike but had not realised why until trying this out.

Here is a recording of a suburban train in England pulling out of a station [ mp3, 48kb/s, 670Kb ] taken with the WS-200S dictation recorder and using the Shure VP64L video/radio microphone hand held in the carriage. I did use the Audacity high pass filter to roll off frequencies below 220Hz to reduce the rumble on the track. There is always a geezer who whistles on any train or in any location in a major city in the UK. Can you hear the train going through a narrow cutting around 1:08 into the track?

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