Learn to Write

“Even on the small scale, when you look at any programming organization, the programmers with the most power and influence are the ones who can write and speak in English clearly, convincingly, and comfortably. Also it helps to be tall, but you can’t do anything about that.”

I’d say: replace word ‘programming’ with a word describing any occupation short of leading edge algebraic topology.

From Advice for Computer Science College Students by Joel Spolsky, found on the interesting reddit.com. I think I’ll be using the new feeds.reddit.com service – very minimal and it works fast. In fact, I might steal the templates for use on this blog for the Summer Redesign, all very Web 2.0. By the way, being tall does help, I’m 183 cm and I have noticed this over the years. You get noticed, but then you also get picked on.

There will be some Maths posts here soon. And I’m teaching a study skills unit next year (Thanks to Rob for the idea for the course title, NTK or Need To Know) so there will be a new category.

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