Kubrick with white background

Download a ZIP file that contains replacement kubrickbg.jpg and a sample kubrickheader.jpg file.

Modified kubrick theme with white background on sidebar

The Kubrick theme that comes with WordPress 2.x as the default uses a background image to provide a white background for the post area and a blue-grey background for the sidebar.

When setting up a project blog on bodmas for supporting workshops with various students, I wanted a very clean bright layout with plenty of white space. I modified the kubrickheader.jpg file so that instead of a blue gradient fill, it has a plain flat white area. I then added a picture on the right – itself with a white background. I’m including a .PSD file from Photoshop Elements with the modified header. The project blog is called Marfona after the potatoes, so I used an image scavenged from a UK site about potato varieties.

The main modification is to the kubrickbg.jpg file – the blue-grey area has been made flat white so that the sidebar now appears against a white background.

To use these files, just replace the old kubrickheader.jpg and kubrickbg.jpg files in the images folder inside the ‘default’ theme folder in your WordPress installation.

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