Graph grids

gaph paper grid sample

I’ve used the incompetech multiwidth graph paper generator to make a PDF file with A3 size page ruled with 10 by 14 large squares, each divided into 2 smaller squares and 10 very small squares. This file is an enlarged version of the normalA4 sized 20mm, 10mm and 2mm graph paper.

To make the A3 sheet, I used 0.3536 lines per cm for the thickest lines (1 point), twice that (0.7071) for the middle thickness lines and 3.536 lines per cm for the finest. I chose a black line colour and made the middle lines 0.5pt and the fine lines 0.1pt thick. This grid will be printed on A3 light blue paper to help a student with eyesight issues. As the number of squares is exactly the same as the A4 paper that other students use, so the same scales can be used.

The incompetech graph paper generator has a wide choice of grids and parameters. Its helpful to be able to customise and print graph paper when you need it, and I like being able to save the PDF files for future use.

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