G24 launched

Front page of G24 World news section as of 1600, August 29th

Print your own A4 format newspaper from a PDF file on the Guardian Unlimited Web site. G24 is available in different sections (which I guess might overlap); Top Stories, World, Media, Business, Sport. Each seems to have around 10 or 11 pages of content, and the photos are small. There is some advertising (see the low resolution screen grab of the front page from the World section above). The articles are short.

Just what I need to get students reading more widely than the Metro. I’ll be leaving a few copies of the News and Top Stories sections in the base room a few times a week. Printing your own newspaper is one of those science fiction things I remember being suggested as a child… funny how they didn’t think of blogs or the Internet then? It was always the same thing distributed in a different way, not a different thing entirely as some think the future of newspapers will be.

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