Creative writing blog

“I started my blog (a) of course to promote my book (b) because there’s precious little out there cyberly for teaching creative writing in adult education. Almost all web and blogs, when I searched, target Adult Education and writing as literacy and ESOL, and target Creative Writing for teaching to primary, secondary and 6th form.”

Susan Lee Kerr is blogging about creative writing with adult students, and I have quoted from her e-mail (with permission) above. Susan contacted me after reading the Inform article I did and having a look at Blogging about Teaching.

Susan is blogging about her practice as an adult education teacher, and also as a self-published author of learning resources. I’ll find it interesting to see how much the blogging and the publishing work together. As self-publishing on paper is getting easier, I’m hoping we will see more individuals and Colleges publishing their stuff. It will save everyone time.

As I am employed, the IP in most of the learning materials I produce belongs to the College, so I provide samples on a no cost basis here from time to time.

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