Bodmas Moodle

There is now a Moodle installation running on the bodmas site. I can use the Bodmas Moodle to demostrate the differences between versions 1.53 and 1.42+, as we will be upgrading at College over the summer. It is also useful to have a Moodle that I can hack around to demonstrate specific features for different groups without increasing the workload of my colleagues on the college Web team.

I’m hoping we can get a stable Moodle version 1.6 with the IMS module working fully with the nln materials embedded soonish, i.e. over the summer, but that will depend on the speed of bug testing for 1.6 by the Moodle community.

If you would like a test account for the bodmas Moodle, just let me know by using the contact form. I can’t gurantee anything of course, so best used for demonstration purposes.

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