Blogs and forums

Some differences between blogs and forums

  • Blogs-with-comments allow students to read material and then decide to contribute or not as they wish.
  • Linear (non-threading) forums might be better for a structured activity or ‘turns taking’ discussion – student posting is required by the discussion format.
  • Blogs with comments switched off (like this one) can be used as simple ‘update’ pages to keep students informed and to provide links to resources easily.

Here it isYour turn
Comment if you want, not requiredI’m not done until you reply
My blog is my back yardA forum is a park
Readers – just reading is OKLurkers – just reading is not participating
All about meAll about us as a group
Onus on me to postAn empty forum is a group issue
Source: Lee Lefever in Common craft blog.

I found out about O-Journalism after a routine visit to the College by a Media lecturer from the local University – who happens to be one of the authors. A subsequent e-mail had the link to the blog in the signature…

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