Blogging for classes

The Blogger offer - simple direct and easy

Blogger is a free online blogging system that has recently been upgraded to include image storage space – previously the system did not have image space. Now owned by Google, Blogger is offering you a really easy way to provide information on a weekly basis for your evening class. The logo is an excellent piece of design, and the t-shirt looks cool.

We are using course blogs as a way to convince very busy teachers that using Web pages to support students will actually save them time. The investment can be less than half an hour per week per class (I’d always advise one class to begin with). The students find the site easy to manage – last week’s work is in front of them – and they will follow links you provide them with. There is a lot of good content out there, what you are contributing is your knowledge of the syllabus and careful evaluation of the material.

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Once the case for online support has been made, a smaller proportion of teachers will move onto much deeper systems like Moodle and the other VLEs.

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