Anyone for tennis?

Image copyright Jason Santa Maria, nice desk there my friend

“For those uninitiated with Layer Tennis, the premise is simple: two players trade a Photoshop document back and forth, each player has 15 minutes to iterate on the previous “volley” however they see fit. The matches are played live on Friday afternoons, and people follow along and comment via Twitter. It really isn’t about winning or losing, which is determined by voting on Twitter, it’s more of a exercise in visual literacy and design constraints.”

Jason Santa Maria describing layer tennis, via Daring Fireball.

Anyone trying anything like this with students? Like writing a story using a Moodle forum? I remember last year a tutorial on the final major project on a BTEC Art and Design course, the student had preserved the various states of his work as hidden layers in a massive Illustrator file. He was scanning in sketches, modifying them in Photoshop, popping them back into Illustrator as bitmap objects, annotating his thinking in text objects, then hiding the layer and implementing the drawing….

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