All on the same big page or lots of different pages?

“I once saw Tufte give a workshop in Chicago where he introduced a valuable concept. He said information may be displayed adjacent in space or stacked in time. Take a book for example. If two dots are on the same spread, they are adjacent in space. All it takes to switch between them is movement of your eye. Compare that to a dot on one page stacked above a dot on another page. You can’t see them at once. You have to flip back and forth between pages to see one dot versus the other.” Ryan,
Learning from “bad” UI, 37 Signals

Some people find Moodle cluttered and complex looking especially with editing switched on. I see everything I need to change a course next to the things I’m changing. No need to change page (or change my time to use Tufte’s metaphor). The article on 37 signals about a mileage claim application discusses the issues well.

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