An activity for teachers

This one needs pencil and paper and about 15 minutes.

I’d like you all to write for a few minutes:

I ask you to think back to your own school years—jot down a memorable learning moment from your primary, your secondary, your university school years, and the past five years.

As you write, I’d like you to think about the following

  • Were these private moments or shared?
  • Did they involve the teacher? Your peers?
  • Did they take place in a classroom?
  • Were these pleasant moments or not?
  • Why do these moments stand out for you?
  • What do these moments have to do with your experiences in education now?
  • {Do you think those growing up with the Web may have a different set of memories? Be specific}

Adapted from the talk that Barbara Ganley gave at the UK Edublogging conference (I wasn’t there but wanted to be!). The curly brackets bit is my edit.

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