$100 laptop

Nicholas Negroponte is head of the MIT Media Lab and is a great enthusiast for online learning and getting people connected. His book ‘Being Digital’ while somewhat ‘gee wizz’, is a very strong argument for getting as much stuff and services online as possible.

The $100 laptop project (running Linux, wireless, 500 MHz processor and 1 Gb of storage using flash memory, cheap display adapted from portable DVD players) is aimed at giving as many children as possible access to personal computing.

“Bringing the laptop home engages the family. In one Cambodian village where we have been working, there is no electricity, thus the laptop is, among other things, the brightest light source in the home.” – Nicholas Negroponte

There is already a Linux based wireless tablet available from Nokia , due for release third quarter 2005 (which means 2006, sometime, usually).

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