Motivation and timescale

  • Last few Drink or Die members are going through the courts – a non-profit cracking and warez ring
  • The BBC report on the UK conviction of Alex Bell and Steven Dowd now in 2005 after raids in 2001 relating to activity in the mid 90s has me thinking about the difference in timescales in IT and in legal process
  • The legal actions in 3 countries will have taken a large percentage of some of the younger DoD members lives
  • US Fedral sentencing is noticibly harsh in these areas and some people face extradition to US
  • How were these people rationalising what they were doing?
  • The big coup of DoD was to release Windows 95 (remember that?) before it was published
  • Note to the chillun: Download Open Source Software – noone will be after you in 10 years

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