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SOHCAHTOA - GCSE Maths Trigonometry summary

The sine cosine and tangent definitions from the SOHCAHTOA file

Download a one side summary of the trigonometric ratios for the right angled triangle (PDF) suitable for GCSE Higher Tier Maths. There is also a version in gaudy colours (PDF).

We spent about 20 minutes searching for one the other evening, and I decided it might be quicker to just write one. Most of the summaries and 'cheat sheets' we found were far too advanced. This outline has

I think I'll put some stuff about 'special' values of the Sine, Cosine and Tangent on the back along with a Pythagoras' Result summary so you have all of right-angled triangles on two sides of A4.

I give this sheet out after the students have hacked their way through some suitable problems. I tend to go through the transposition of the basic formulas as we go along. This sheet is then the summary of the lesson and a revision note.

Keith Burnett, Last update: Sun Apr 06 2014