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GCSE Foundation: Rules and tools for Number

Download a PDF file with 50 pages of revision notes for GCSE Foundation students.

12000 words, 33 tables, 300+ formula objects and 7 pictures.

This resource has been used by 100+ students in two of the centres I teach in. Adult students use this resource very effectively as do some teenagers. The other teenagers get flashcards based on selections of the material.

This resource is named for the Rules and Tools handouts used for many years for students taking the Level 1 and 2 Adult Numeracy Certificate, although the content is all new. I took inspiration from Shaun Bailey's Functional Maths and Numeracy Study Guide on the Skillsworkshop Web site. I did use the alternative page 29 when I taught Functional Skills last year.

Productivity surprise

Bukowski's Typewriter

I wrote most of the Rules and Tools for Number, Data and Algebra in a week over the summer, so this is definitely a first draft. The surprise was that I got a lot more pages done using a small laptop compared to the huge desktop. The desktop has since been donated to a charity, I've gone laptop. I suspect it is something to do with the portable typewriter form factor and the single screen that displays the current task.

Stand by for Rules and Tools for Data, and Rules and Tools for Algebra.

If I can get a rough draft of Rules and Tools for Shape out this year, the project for Summer 2014 is a set of workbooks.

Keith Burnett, Last update: Sun Jan 26 2014