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Aneurin Bevan book cover

Cover of the Four Square Illustrated edition of volume 1 of Michael Foot's biography of Aneurin Bevan - who did the painting?

Well, the Amazon description said 'used-acceptable' and it probably is although the cheap paper has gone orange rather than just yellow. The masthead claims "Four-Square Books are published by the New English Library Limited from Barnard's Inn. Holborn, London E.C.1.". Michael Foot makes a strange bedfellow to the usual NEL authors (Moorcock, Burroughs, Aldiss, Priest and the notorious entity Richard Allen). This volume was published in November 1966, and is priced in Old Money (37.5p in New Money).

Now, can anyone identify the oil painting on the cover? Was it comped from a photo by some in-house illustrator or is it an actual painting of the politician who bequeathed us the 'independent' nuclear deterrent?

I derived the colour pallette for this site from the image using the GIMP colour tools having converted the scan to an indexed image.

Keith Burnett, Last update: Sat Oct 13 2012